Most people we’re checking for Drake’s subliminal diss’ toward Jay Z on his new track “Draft Day.” Whether he said anything or not, most of the world is waiting to see if Jay would respond to Drizzy’s new track. No one was expecting to hear from Jose Canseco.

The former MLB slugger and accused steroid user took offense to one of the lines in the song. Canseco and his girlfriend took offense to the name check.

Canseco, along with his girlfriend model Leila Knight tweeted their frustrations about the line “I play like I’m on ‘roids, no Canseco” from Drake’s new track “Draft Day.”

“It would be nice if a rapper can say my bfs name in a song and not make a reference to steroids . Lol . @Drake” she tweeted.

Canseco followed after with a retweet from his girlfriend and tweeting the rapper saying, “@Drake [You’re] funny”

His girlfriend continued to defend her boyfriend for the constant backlash of his past steroid use and how it’s been an easy jab for rappers to drop on tracks.

I have some bad news for the Bash Brother. It’s easy to rhyme the words Canseco and steroids with other words. He’s just going to have to deal with this