Robert Snow/Red Bull Content Pool

Robert Snow/Red Bull Content Pool

Trinidad James confused the world when he broke through with his single, “All Gold Everything.” James was thought to be more gimmick than talent, so many dismissed him early. Def Jam believed in him and gave him a deal.

Since then, Trinidad has been working feverishly  on his debut album.

Today, in Atlanta Trinidad will be headlining a party for 4/20 at Masquerade. Before his show today, he spoke with Creative Loafing. In his interview, he speaks about his debut album and guarantees that it will be a classic.

When asked his debut album, he said

“In general, once again, it’s different, man,” he said. For people that are actually fans of me, they’re going to love it, like it’s going to be their favorite album. It’s just the way I personally feel. In general “All Gold Everything” can’t last me for the rest of my life. If you really want to be a fan of Trinidad James you have to listen to my actual projects. With that being said, for those people who only listened to “All Gold Everything”, I hope it’ll give them a better understanding. I brought both worlds together for my first two projects. When you hear the album, even if it sold one copy, or five copies, and you got one of those copes, you would know that this is a classic, straight up and down. It’s bigger then the people actually playing on it. It’s about making the whole world understand.”

He also spoke about the title #NewAtlanta and more. Read his full interview here

Source: Creative Loafing