Not sure what church you went to today or if you went. If you were one of the many who attended any of these services, then you lucked up and got some prizes for attending.

Anyone who attended Easter service today at Christian Life Church in Lexington, Oklahoma will automatically be entered to win prizes like 32-inch flat screen TVs and $50 gift cards.

Christian Life isn’t the only megachurch who come baring gifts for parishioners.

Long Hollow, a Tennessee Baptist Church that boasts five locations and 31 Easter services, is handing out $5 Starbucks gift cards to anyone attending for the first time today. While new visitors are there, they can enjoy “Life in Color,” an Easter service inspired by a OneRepublic song.

ACF Church in Eagle River, Alaska, planned a Walking Dead-themed Easter celebration for churchgoers.

“Our church tends to attract a younger crowd of singles and families with small children,” Ross Montgomery, the church’s “visual storyteller,” told The Daily Beast“We see using The Walking Dead for Easter as a way to break down some barriers for people who may have a bland taste in their mouth from church or have been hurt in the past.”

I’m sure Jesus looked down and said, “where were my gifts?”

Source: Gawker