Former Providence star Eric Williams had a nice career while playing in the NBA. I’m sure he also picked up some very hefty checks. Let Williams tell it, all the money he made while playing 12 seasons in the league have disappeared which means he has no money to pay child support.

Williams, who also appeared on “Basketball Wives,” made the shocking statements in a letter he wrote to a Colorado court recently explaining why he could not attend a child support hearing in CO earlier this month.

Among the reasons, Williams says a “court-ordered citation for me to appear was not delivered to my home address as I have no home.”

Williams owes more that $24k in unpaid child support to the mother of his 13-year-old son. He also says that his financial situation is so bad, he can’t afford airfare and has no money to pay a lawyer.

In his letter, Williams says he is currently a volunteer at an unnamed non-profit organization — and says, “I’m in the rebuilding stages of my life.”

Source: TMZ Sports