Jay Z finds himself locked in the middle of a lawsuit over his masters right now.

A collection of Jay Z master recordings valued between $15 and $20 million is at the center of an alleged theft and extortion plot according to TMZ.

Police have already nabbed the tapes. A producer named Chauncey Mahan, who worked with Jay Z from 1998-2002 was questioned last Friday in connection with the alleged plot.

Jay Z recorded a bunch of songs that never got released. The master recordings were between 1998 – 2002. Those masters went missing in 2002.

How always assumed they were just lost in the wind and didn’t pay it any mind.

They were found and apparently in the had of Mahan.

He had a some of the masters in his Northridge, CA storage facility. Mahan allegedly contacted Live Nation which has a joint venture with Jay Z called Roc Nation and said he would either let the tapes go up for auction or give them the tapes for a $100K “storage fee.”

We’re told Mahan eventually agreed to take $75K.

We’re told on Friday Mahan went to the storage facility to seal the deal with Jay Z’s people. When he got to the storage space, he was met by the LAPD.

The police detained him and brought him into the station for questioning. He also agreed to let the LAPD take possession of the tapes until a judge determines ownership.

Mahan was not arrested, but the Beverly Hills PD is investigating the extortion allegations because that’s where Live Nation is based. We’re also told Jay Z’s people filed a grand larceny complaint Friday with the NYPD and that investigation is ongoing.

Source: TMZ