Last night veteran journalist Elliott Wilson brought his Myspace backed live interview series, CRWN to the Plaza theater in Atlanta Georgia. Epic records star Future was subject for tonight.

Future’s sophomore album, Honest, hits stores today. The highly anticipated project is supposed to show the growth of Future as an artist. I learned a lot about Future last night and it really had nothing to do with his music.

Here’s 5 things I learned about Future thanks to his interview with Elliott


1. Don’t call him “Meathead.”

It was truly a family night for Future. He had his children and his mother in the audience last night to watch his interview. With the brood sitting front row, Elliott couldn’t help but ask Future about the importance of his family. After briefly speaking about issues with his kids mother, he spoke about how people who knew him while he was growing up don’t call him Future. No, they call him Meathead.

He doesn’t remember how he got the nickname. What he does know is there are many people in Atlanta who still know him only as that. He recalled an album signing he did at Best Buy earlier in the day where someone who has known him since he was a youngin asked him to sign a t-shirt and to sign it, “from Meathead.” He obliged, but he did say that he hates when people call him that.


Elliott Wilson introducing Future

2. He’s not into the spotlight 

The average person who has had a hand in making hit records for pop stars like Rihanna and Beyonce would be screaming it from the top of a mountain. They would at least put it in their twitter bio. Not Future.

Future spoke about his vocal contributions to Beyonce’s hit record, “Drunk In Love,” as well as some more behind the scenes work he has done for the likes of Drake and others. Aside from the fact that he’s probably contractually obligated not to speak on many of the projects he has worked on, his humility is something that stops him as well.

He spoke about how if he’d post more on Instagram, then people would see all the artists that he’s in and out of the studio with on a daily basis and people would know.

So, when you hear “Drunk In Love,” or “Started From The Bottom,” you might not hear Future, but know that he was present. He might not be front and center in the videos or on stage when those songs get performed, but I’m sure he was front and center when it came to getting that check.

3. His brother from another mother 

Future also discussed his bromance with Drake. The two hit the road last year for Drake’s “Do You Want A Tour” tour. Before then, the two seemed like the last people who would tour together.

After Drake added his verse to Future’s hit “Tony Montana,” Drake sent shots at Future and his team for wanting Drizzy to trek all the way to Atlanta to shoot a video for the record. Despite that drama, the two would be featured on more records together as Future’s star got bigger. Then, after talk of the two going on tour together broke, a snippet of an interview Future did with Rolling Stone came out. Drake was not too pleased to read the piece and see Future saying that his album will “grab you” more than Drake’s.

Just like that, it was announced that the two were not going on tour together anymore. Cooler heads certainly prevailed, because they did criss-cross North America for the tour.

Elliott couldn’t have said it better after hearing Future break down his up and down relationship with Aubrey. “You two sound like brothers.”

Future speaking about his new album and more

Future speaking about his new album and more

4. He was raised in the Dungeon. 

Future and Rico Wade are cousins. The founder of the legendary Dungeon Family (Outkast, Goodie Mob, Witch Doctor, Sleepy Brown, etc.) played a part in his cousins musical growth by letting him hang around the studio.

When Future wasn’t in the streets getting to it, he would be in the studio watching the legends become legends. He spoke to Elliot briefly about the chills he got when he watched Sleepy Brown record, “Can’t Wait,” or seeing the rest of the crews come from the bottom to the top.

While it wasn’t later that Future would get his start in the game musically, those days hanging around his cousin played a big part.

5. The Future Hendrix sound is always growing

“Move That Dope,” featuring Pusha T and Pharrell has become a certified hit record. You can’t go many places without hearing the infectious beat or the catchy hook. We almost came close to never hearing that song at all.

Future spoke about how initially, when Mike Willmadeit approached him with the track, he was hesitant to record to it.

Future wanted to stay in the pop music lane and he felt the record wasn’t “Future Hendrix,” enough.

Mike would eventually convince him to do the record. The results were another hit record for the duo and a boost in street cred for Future. His next single, “I Won,” is more in line with the pop star stylings of Future Hendrix. Lucky we got the hood version of the superstar first.

Future’s sophomore album, Honest is in stores today!