Nick Uti/Associated Press

Nick Uti/Associated Press


The creation and eventual fall of Bitcoin fascinates me. The fact that someone could create a currency that doesn’t really exist, yet could be traded and used as physical currency was amazing to me. It was regulated through its own system and had nothing to do with the federal government. The founder fascinates me even more.

The elusive Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto has been so underground that some of those how worked with him on the creation of Bitcoin have never met him. He was found, thanks to Newsweek, after the Bitcoin market collapsed.

The Newsweek story caused more speculation than anything. After reading it, many couldn’t tell if the person they were talking to was the real person or not. Again, this is a man who has worked a majority of his life as a government contractor and knows how to stay anonymous.


Still, Newsweek is sticking to the script that this guy is the real deal.

Recently, a video to YouTube of Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto thanking the Bitcoin community for its support in the wake of the Newsweek story that alleged that he was the original creator of Bitcoin. He appears with Andreas Antonopoulos, who spearheaded a collection among bitcoiners in Nakamoto’s name. Of course he still denies that he is that Satoshi Nakamoto. As he puts it at the beginning of this video, “Of course if I was the real creator I would never use my real name.”

He further vows to “keep his Bitcoin account for many, many years.”

Watch the interview below and read the Newsweek article here