Last week, former member of Crime Mob, Diamond went to New York where she interviewed with the Breakfast Club morning show. On the show she spoke out about past physical abuse from her former boyfriend, Lil Scrappy and verbal abuse from his mother Mama Dee.

Scrappy told TMZ Diamond is a liar.

He says that he was never abusive and never once put his hands on her. Scrappy is accusing Diamond of trying to make herself relevant by throwing shade even though he gave her a start in music and bought “her $20K teeth and her fake ass.”

He also states that her story about Gucci Mane slapping him down in a club is all garbage and that it was nothing more than a shoving match.

Momma Dee chimed in telling TMZ she never got anything of value from Diamond because “Diamond ain’t never had s***.”

Momma called Diamond a “lying chamber maid” who’s mad because she’s not banging the prince anymore. IN typical Momma Dee form, she ended it by saying Diamond will never have any money unless she gets a “douche deal for her stank-ass p****.”
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