Does this seems like de ja vu?

Wasn’t it just a month ago when a disgruntled Indiana Pacers fan put out a Craigslist ad searching for forward Paul George’s talent. This was after the Pacers went from the best team in the league to turning into one of the biggest choke jobs in the history of professional sports.

The Pacers came into the play-offs the top seed in the East, but many feared that the once might team was now looking fragile. Losing to the Atlanta Hawks in the first game of their first round series hasn’t well with fans. While George is still sputtering along offensively, the player everyone is looking to step up is center Roy Hibbert.

Hibbert has been just another player on the court since the all-star break. The 7 footer hasn’t been pulling down rebounds, playing any defense or offense. Even after tonights win, I’m sure that many fans are still wondering how they could get rid of Hibbert.

Pageqsports gave some fans a laugh when they created this realistic Amazon trying to sell Hibbert.

Page Q Sports

Page Q Sports


Source: Bleacher Report