Since dancehall star Vybz Kartel was sentenced to life in prison for his part in the killing of Clyde “Lizard” Williams, more information about his case continues to pour out.

Last week, the talk was about the Jamaican police leaking news that Vybz was operating as an informant while behind bars and that his information led to the arrests of several wanted me. His lawyer, vehementley denies that Kartel is a rat.

Footage has surfaced online of Vybz Kartel and the three men allegedly responsible for killing Clive “Lizard” Williams in 2011.

The dancehall star, along with three other men, were found guilty of killing Lizard and were sentenced to life in prison earlier this month.

According to TVJ News, a lot of the evidence used in the trial to sentence Kartel was voice notes, videos from his Blackberry, and one particular video showing the men plotting Lizard’s murder.

The videos used were leaked to the web on April 17, just four days after Kartel and his co-defendants appealed their sentences.

In the video above, the men aren’t seen until the last few seconds, but one man is seen with an ice pick in his hand awaiting instructions from Kartel on how to kill Lizard.

Williams was killed in Kartel’s Jamaican home over two missing guns. His body has yet to be found.

Watch the footage below