Dave Sandford/Getty Images

Dave Sandford/Getty Images

Kevin Garnett has been known as a talker. Since he’s coming into the game straight out of high school, KG has developed the reputation as a fierce competitor who will talk you to death on the court.

Garnett’s mouth has been in full effect in the play-offs. The Toronto Raptors GM’s “Fuck Brooklyn” remark didn’t sit well with KG or his Brooklyn Nets. KG chimed back after the Nets loss over the Raptors this weekend that not many people can say “Fuck Brooklyn and come to Brooklyn.”

According to Jamaal Magloire, Toronto’s enforcer, KG is all talk. Per the Globe and Mail:

Does crowd hostility bother you?

“I’m sure their fans … will be happy to cheer for them,” Kyle Lowry said.

Does that Garnett line bother you?

“Not at all. I love KG,” Greivis Vasquez said. “I grew up watching this guy. I had a poster of him when I was younger, back home. When he was in Minnesota. Wearing 21.”

No, the most mercurial presence on the team is Toronto-born team consultant and aide-du-camp Jamaal Magloire. The former All-Star sits behind the bench during games. Based on observation, his primary job is berating the opposition.

Do Garnett’s comments bother you?

“Hell, nah,” Magloire drawled. “He’s a talker who can’t back it up.”

After dropping the mic, he swiveled away. Then he turned back and waved a finger the size of a jumbo hot dog.

“And you can print that.”

Jamaal Magloire. Canada’s hype man.

“It’s going to be a new frontier,” coach Dwane Casey said of the anticipated atmosphere in Brooklyn.

The Raptors and Nets get it on again tonight in Brooklyn

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