Colin Mcpherson/Camera Press via Redux

Colin Mcpherson/Camera Press via Redux

During the 90’s, Tommy Hilfiger was the brand of choice in hip-hop. Many prominent figures in the game from Snoop Dogg to Grand Puba could be seen wearing his clothes or referencing his brand in songs.

Hilfigers brand diminshed over the years as he failed to keep up with fashion trends. Bloomberg magazine interviewed Hilfiger about his brand. Among the topics Hilfiger touched on was chasing trends and how hip-hop was one of them.

When speaking about his connection to hip-hop, Hilfiger said

“Look, it fueled a lot of growth, but it took us away from our roots. We came back to our roots 10 years ago; that’s when our business started to really stabilize and grow again. When people ask me advice, I say stick to who you are. Stick to your guns. There is an image and attitude to most brands and that’s really important. I like to stick to my heritage and not chase trends and at that point we were chasing trends. Chasing trends was easy but it was dangerous. It’s more important to me now to be consistent.”

Read his full interview here and learn what happened to a 90’s icon.

Source: AHH