Phil Jackson

When you think about dynasties in the NBA, teams like the Celtics, Lakers and Bull pop-up first. You don’t hear many people mention the San Antonio Spurs.

The Spurs have won four championships and have been a force in the league for the last decade. Last year they came close to winning another ring and this year they look to be a contender again. So what aren’t they mentioned with the other great teams? Phil Jackson can think of a few reasons.

Jackson, a coach of two teams considered “dynasties” thinks the Spurs aren’t one.

“Tim Duncan making the salary he’s making after being part of a dynasty – not a dynasty, I wouldn’t call San Antonio a dynasty — a force, a great force,” Jackson said. “They haven’t been able to win consecutive championships but they’ve always been there. San Antonio has had a wonderful run through Tim’s tenure there as a player. He’s agreed to take a salary cut so other players can play with him so they can be this good. And that’s the beginning of team play.”

Phil was speaking on the potential for Carmelo Anthony to take a pay cut in order to remain with the Knicks, when he took the subtle jab at his old rivals.

Jackson was 4-1 agains the Spurs during the playoffs while he was in LA, where he recorded five titles, including a 3-peat. The Spurs have never reached the Finals after winning a championship. Despite their four titles since 1999, they don’t meet the “dynasty” criteria laid out by the Zen Master.

Source: Balloverall