Photo credit: Jessica Ambats and Jetsuite

Photo credit: Jessica Ambats and Jetsuite

Thanks to Instagram, we can now see our favorite celebrities riding around in luxury. While you might not be able to hop in the Bentley and take a ride to the grocery story for the cheap, you can book a private flight for the low and fly in style like a Hollywood star.

Private Jet company JetSuite, is taking advantage of free time.

The company will post last-minute “empty leg” availability on their Facebook and Twitter page around 24 hours in advance for set travel between select cities. For around $500, you can reserve you an entire four- or six-seat plane.

The company recently doubled its fleet of Embraer and Citation jets and flies to more than 2,000 airports across North America and the Caribbean.

Regular people can book one of their CJ3 or Phenom jets via these last-minute specials, or sign up via a more traditional membership model for discounted rates all year round.

Their current deal is special Kentucky Derby Package. They will throw in a $100 gift certificate to Barneys for any new client who books a trip to Louisville on April 29th, 30th, or May 1st.

Source: Purist