Charlie Neibergall/AP

Charlie Neibergall/AP

You can almost forget that Sarah Palin exist. Since her 15 minutes of fame as John McCain’s choice as a Vice President candidate, she’s somewhat fell out of the mainstream media’s focus. Her reality show has folded up and Tina Fey is no longer on SNL, so there’s nothing really to make fun of her about. In order for Palin to make it to the headlines, then she’d have to do or say something ridiculous.

And here comes her ridiculous moment.

While speaking to a room full of gun enthusiasts, Palin said that waterboarding is how we “baptize” terrorist.

The joke was a smash hit with the crowd. Not so much with everyone else on earth. The statement was part of a speech where Palin warns the crowd that liberals are not able to protect us because they’re too soft.

One person who really wouldn’t be applauding Palin would be John McCain. McCain who was waterboard while held hostage as a prisoner of war.

Lets see if this statement would be enough to push Palin back into the national spotlight for another 15 minutes.

Source: Christian Science Monitor