And so it begins.

The spillage from Los Angeles Clippers racist audio recording that surfaced this weekend has only gotten worse. Aside from the embarrassment of several prominent names in professional basketball like Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan and Lebron James all called for his ownership privileges to be snatched, Sterling is now facing the possibility of loosing sponsorship money.

State Farm announced earlier today that they will pull their sponsorship of the Clippers. The insurance company that also counts Clippers point guard Chris Paul as a spokesman made the decision this morning.

Carmax followed up that decision with their own. After being a sponsor of the Clippers for 9-years, the company decided that it would be in their best interests to separate themselves from Sterling and his drama right now.

All this news  coupled with the rumors that Magic Johnson and a group of investors are interested in buying Sterling out and replacing him as owner.

More news to come I’m sure.