An Oklahoma inmate who recently lost a legal battle to find out exactly which drugs would be used to kill him died of a heart attack tonight after the state botched his execution.

Convicted murderers Clayton Lockett and Charles Warner were both scheduled to be executed tonight after losing an appeal to force the state to disclose the source of its new, secret lethal injection drug combination.

Lockett, who was convicted of kidnapping, beating, raping, shooting, and burying alive a 19-year-old woman, was scheduled to go first and received the injection at 6:23 pm. Warner, convicted of raping and killing an 11-month-old baby, was to follow at 8 pm.

The New York Times rather passively points out that “It did not appear that any of the drugs themselves failed, but rather the method of administration,” and even after a doctor declared him to be unconscious, witnesses say Lockett was awake and yelled “man” and “something’s wrong.”

Lockett officially died of a heart attack at 7:06 pm. In the meantime, Warner’s execution has been stayed for at least 14 days.

Source: Gawker