Trifling parents and the things they do to their children have become too common place in media today. Here’s one more

An eighteen-year-old girl from Chicago decided that her new relationship was more important than her son, so she ditched the kid!

Ana Rosa Mora reportedly packaged her newborn in a bag before leaving him outside to fend for his self, or in other words, die.  The reason for such an unbelievable crime has to do with Mora’s new boyfriend.  She thought the baby may look too much like his father, and that this would be too upsetting for her boyfriend to deal with.  Mora thought the better option would be to abandon her son in such a way that some would consider it an attempt to commit murder.

According to the Daily News, Moro now faces first-degree murder charges.  After giving birth last weekend, she returned to school the following week.  Though she showed pictures of the baby, staff say her behavior was strange when doing so.  Authorities said the teenager was downloading pictures from the internet, and also asked if her son’s DNA could be linked back to her.

The baby was found by a construction worker.  He had reportedly been in the cold for a number of hours.  Moro was placed under arrest Friday, and is being held on $500,000 bond.

Source: NaturallyMoi