If you’re running around Atlanta today hoping to celebrate Cinco De Mayo, don’t expect to see any limes in your favorite drink or dish.

Heavy rains and disease in Mexico’s lime fields have caused a serious lime shortage. Mexican drug cartels hijacking lime trucks and blackmailing farmers are not helping either. Exports are down, and prices have skyrocketed.

“Limes have more than quadrupled in price,” says Heather Stennis, Tin Lizzy’s marketing and events director. “We used to get cases for $30 to $40. Now they cost over $140, and the limes are much smaller.”

Even grocery stores like Publix have had to raise its prices from three for $1.50 to $0.79 each, on average. To make up for the price hike and conserve limes, restaurants are taking a variety of precautions. Tin Lizzy’s serves limes only on request.

“We’ve [also] changed our cutting procedure. It used to be a wedge, now it’s more of a piece,” Stennis says.

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Source: Atlanta Magazine