Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Adrien Broner will face backlash for his post-fight rant this weekend.

Broner, after his fight with Carlos Molina, Adrien went on an epic post-fight rant where he’ll beat anybody, especially after he just beat this “Mexi-Can.”

The WBC decided that they couldn’t deal with that. In a sport that features mainly African-American’s and Latino’s, the WBC had to make a stand and they did. They decided to suspend Broner.

The WBC site released a statement saying that Broner is welcomed to relieve his suspension by issuing a public apology.

“Adrien Broner is hereby suspended from participating in any WBC sanctioned Championship and will be excluded from the WBC Ratings until the time he makes a public apology satisfactorily to the public of the world,” it reads.

“Boxing is a great sport, it is a world sport and boxers are honorable and exemplary members of the community. FairPlay and human equality must always be upheld.”

It is unknown of the fighter’s next boxing match. In case you missed his rant, check it out below

Source: Vlad TV