This med school students business move might make a lot of women re-think how they gave away their virginity.

A medical student using the pseudonym “Elizabeth Raine” has sold her virginity online for just over $800,000.

After a tantalizing buildup on her blog, “Musings of a Virgin Whore,” the 28-year-old Raine finally revealed her face late last month leading to a slew of new bids.

Raine, describes herself as 5’10” and 130 pounds, says she isn’t a virgin because she’s a “good girl” or because she’s saving it for marriage—she’s not all that interested in being married—but because it’s always suited her personality.

“At the ripe age of 28, virginity fits me like a glove. It is unexpected and unconventional, yet exhilarating and empowering. Now, having made the decision to sell my virginity, I cannot imagine losing it in any other way,” she writes.

Initially, she launched the auction for the money, but as the bidding neared its end, she started to see it as making a point about attitudes toward sex work and female agency:

It is no longer about the money. Instead, very broadly, it is about how society continues to exercise control over female sexuality by chaining it tightly to female morality. It is about the fact that we have not left patriarchy in the past (we all know male morality is not judged by the same standard), and that a woman still cannot chose to do with her body what she pleases without eliciting condemnation and hate from those (or some of those) around her.

Although Raine is an American, the actual sex involved in this transaction will take place in Australia for legal reasons.

She has suitors from Serbia, Japan, Australia, the U.K., and the U.S. have each bid more $100,000 over the past two months.

The $801,000 must be delivered by wire within 24 hours of her first time. She plans to ear mark 35% of it to education for women in developing countries, and some percentage will presumably go to U.S. taxes. The rest goes into her pocketbook.

Source: Gawker