There’s few groups that you don’t want to tangle with. One of them is the Beyhive. How fans of Beyonce have treated those who don’t agree or see Beyonce as Queen of the Universe like they do, I could honestly see them being called terrorist. Not sure if that tag fits their leader though.

During a panel discussion titled “Are You Still a Slave?” at New York’s New School, author Bell Hooks questioned whether or not Beyonce is a terrorist.

After the conversation turned to the potential harm done by Beyoncé’s appearance, specifically her underwear-clad appearance on a recent cover of TIME, trans activist/writer/thinker Janet Mock noted how inspired she was by Beyoncé’s recent single “Partition” when finishing her book. Effectively shutting Mock down, apparently because her experience of Beyoncé differs, hooks said that she sees “part of” Beyoncé as “anti-feminist,” “assaulting,” and “a terrorist especially in terms of the impact on young girls.” hooks went onto explain, “The major assault on feminism in our society has come from visual media and from television and videos,” and then she talked about the T-shirt of herself that she was wearing at length.

Watch her explanation here

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