The lawsuit over the video showing the autopsy of Tupac Shakur has been settled.

TMZ broke the news that Cathy Scott was furious when she saw a Wyclef Jeanmusic video on YouTube with a fake Tupac posing in a morgue with a massive bullet wound.

Later, she published the real autopsy pic in her book and feels the fake video diminishes the value of her photo.  So she got Youtube to yank down Clef’s video.

TMZ reports that the director of the music video Hezues R’ has agreed to give her a screen credit at the end, and that’s good enough for her.  So it’s going back on YouTube.

While she didn’t financially gain from the video, she did find a boost in book sales for “The Killing of Tupac Shakur,” which includes the real autopsy photo.

Source: TMZ