Andrew Innerarity / Reuters

Andrew Innerarity / Reuters

The media often shines light on youth when it comes to criminal acts or ridiculous fight videos. It’s not often we cast that same light on a  teen who’s doing something positive.

Grace Bush, the 16-year-old from Hollywood, Florida made headlines for graduating high school and college at the same time.

Bush spoke with TODAY with her parents. They discussed how proud they were of Grace and their other children.

“We have children that are normal,” said mom Gisla Bush. “They’re not Einsteins. We helped set them on this path, but they’re the ones who worked hard — and they feel so proud of that.”

Grace says the one thing that helped her on her journey was simply hard work.
“I think anyone my age can do what I did,” she said. “It’s not hard — it’s just hard work.”

Grace graduated with her High School Diploma and a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice with a minor in Spanish. Her older sisters Gisla Bush, 19, Gabrielle Bush, 17, are all headed to graduate school for their Master’s. The family says they haven’t spent any money on tuition.

Watch her interview below

Source: TODAY