Justin Bieber wants to show the world that he’s more than just a pop star. Biebs has gone a long way to show that he’s not that squeaky clean pop star that the labels were trying to push on the world. Hanging out with rappers, sipping syrup, smoking weed and dating models. That’s one of the sides that Justin wants to show you.

Here’s another. Bieber was featured in a Christinan rappers video. The song, “The Pledge,” belongs to Christian rap artist B a.k.a Brandon Burke. Burke performs the song.

As the song ends, you can see Bieber and Burke in the studio discussing God. During his short cameo, Bieber says:

“God loved the world so much he gave up his own son, right? Imagine, like, someone killing your son. God forgave everyone and they killed his son. That shows how much grace God has.”

As much of a hooligan he’s appeared to be becoming, Beiber has spoke about his strong foundation in Christianity in the past.

Watch the video for “The Pledge” below.