Public Enemy front man has been an out-spoken advocate for more diversity in music when it comes to urban radio stations.

In a recent interview, Chuck reiterated his distaste for what he hears on urban radio right now.

After taking a trip to Africa, Chuck came back with a new view on life and how African-Americans view themselves. He’s not liking what he’s seeing or hearing and he lays the blame at the feet of urban radio stations.

Chuck explains how alot of young people think “they come from the here and now,” and that they are dictated by what’s on the radio and TV. But he says that we’re stronger and better than that.

He also talks about trying to rise above the corporation and get music out from “the artist standpoint and not the company standpoint.”  He says that there is a “bad road of greed” in the music industry, and that the “urban stations” aren’t really defined to be what they say they are.  ”We call black ‘urban’ so we don’t have any accountability for where it comes from.”

Do you think that urban radio has anything to do with how African-Americans view ourselves?

Source: Yourblackworld