Atlanta and College Park police are looking for two men they said are taking cash from hotel ATMs right in front of guests and employees.

Channel 2’s Liz Artz talked to police about how they’re able to get away with such a brazen crime.

Looking at the surveillance video from the Renaissance Hotel in Atlanta, you would think the two men were on the job. They appeared to be wearing uniforms and carrying tools.

College Park police Major E.W. Stroizer told Artz they’re posing as ATM maintenance workers.

“When they went into this particular place, the maintenance guy thought they were ATM maintenance men,” Stroizer said.

Pictures were also snapped at the Marriott Atlanta Gateway, in College Park on May 1.

Police said the two men walked into the airport hotels and in front of guests and employees posed as ATM maintenance men, both times they broke into the shell of the machine.

“They didn’t get into the machine because they didn’t have key to vault but they did get into the outside of the machine,” Stroizer said.

The men had more success at the Renaissance Hotel.

“There was over $14,000 that appeared to be missing from the ATM,” Stroizer said.

Detectives are not sure how the men came across keys to the machines, but they are fairly certain it’s inside job.

“They could have been ATM maintenance men in the past still have the keys,” Stroizer said.

Artz contacted the hotels and they had no comment other than to say they want these men caught and ask the public to contact police if they recognize them.

Police said many businesses own their own ATM. It’s unclear if the ATMs are independently owned or owned by the hotels.

Source: WSBTV