The marriage between Deron Williams and the Brooklyn Nets might be coming to an end sooner than many expected.

The all-star point guard came to Brooklyn as a free-agent after becoming on the leagues most dominant guards while playing with the Utah Jazz. Since coming to Brooklyn, the team has tried to surround Williams with star caliber players in hopes of challenging for the NBA championship. After adding Joe Johnson, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, the Nets are no closer to the Eastern Conference finals than they were before. And we can forget about winning a championship anytime soon.

Unlike Pierce and Garnett, Williams has a few good years left on him where he can logically see himself being part of team that could really contend for a championship.

With all that stacked against him, is there a chance that the Nets and Williams will part ways?

According to Brian Geltzeiler of, this falling out between Williams and Nets management, specifically Nets GM Billy King, has resulted in a mutual decision between the two parties to split. Williams, and his wife, essentially want out of Brooklyn and King is more than happy to accommodate them.

Williams still has 3-years left on his contract and the team owes him $63 million dollars. The way trades are in the NBA, it might hard to find a partner or three to help pull off a trade.

It seems to me that for better or worse, Williams will remain in Brooklyn.

Source: Beyond The Buzzer