Justin Beiber really needs to stick to music. When he’s not in the studio, he seems to be causing some kind of riot that becomes national news.

This week episode involves a paparazzi, a Subway and the pop star.

A paparazzi named Manuel Munoz is suing Bieber and his bodyguard, Dwayne Patterson, claiming that he was locked in a bathroom at a Subway restaurant in Miami. The alleged incident went down the same night as Bieber’s DUI arrest, and Manuel snapped photos of Justin hanging outside of SET nightclub.

TMZ obtained court documents reveal that Munoz was allegedly punched and kicked by Bieber’s bodyguard, who was also trying to grab the memory card out of his camera. A third party called 911 after hearing Munoz screaming in the bathroom. You can hear the full audio in the above slide.

Bieber wasn’t directly involved in the incident, and his lawyer, Howard Weitzman, believes that the lawsuit is just a ploy for money.

“This new lawsuit filed by a paparazzo is yet another shakedown for money. The paparazzo admits that Justin was not present at the alleged assault. The paparazzo told the police he had only scratched his knee when he was allegedly tripped, but now claims he was beat up. There are no damages.”