Miami Heat v Indiana Pacers - Game Six

The Indiana Pacers suffered a huge blow last night when their all-star forward Paul George suffered a blow to the back of the head.

The incident happened when Heat guard Dwayne Wade crashed into George striking him in the back of the head with his knee. Intially, George showed no signs of symptoms that would suggest that he has a concussion. Later that night George claims that he blacked out during the play. Further tests concluded that George did have an concussion.

His status for game 3 is now uncertain.

The team issued this statement

Because of the statement and Indiana’s ongoing evaluation and management of potential concussions, George underwent further testing and evaluation Wednesday morning. He has been diagnosed by the team’s consulting neurologist with a concussion, based on his post-game reporting that he had briefly lost consciousness during the game. He will begin the NBA-mandated protocol for return-to-participation after a diagnosed concussion.

Watch the play below