Odell Beckham Jr.

Being an somewhat high profile athlete, you’ll often have to deal with people who will spread rumors about you. It’s something that comes with the game.

Before he even played his first game in the NFL former LSU stand-out Odel Beckham Jr. is already dealing with it.

The first round draft pick had to shut down rumors of a relationship with model Erica Mendez.

The story was first broke by Radar Online, that Beckham Jr. was in a longtime, on again off again releationship with a model named Erica Mendez.

According to the site, Mendez approached them and claimed she was Beckham was her fiancée.

She began to share stories of infidelity, miscarriages and claims the former LSU player flew her around the world. Mendez says that their relationship started in 2010. The two took a break after she discovered that he had fathered a child by another woman.

Mendez also says that after the two moved past the infidelity, he cheated yet again when she walked in on him having sex with two strippers. After suffering a miscarriage, the woman claims that the tragic event brought them back together and the couple plans to tie the knot in March 2015.

After hearing the story, Beckham refuted the claims and will have the NFL investigate the woman. Beckham Jr. who was drafted by the New York Giants states that he has never met a woman named Erica Mendez.

He also says that he doesn’t have any children and that he’s never been engaged.

A New York Giants spokesperson released a statement saying that the league plans to find out who the woman is.