This is the definition of the pot calling the kettle black.

Rapper Mason “Ma$e” Betha has been living a double life as a pastor of his own church and a rapper for the last few years.

After declaring that he was heading for the pulpit in 1999, he’s dibbled and dabbled into the hip-hop worlds several times. He even went as far as to release an album, Welcome Back in 2004 with his former label Bad Boy.

Ma$e is in the process of divorcing his wife Twyla. Their relationship is apparently very strained.



According to TMZ, Mase believes his wife is such an embarrassment to their church, that he’s taking the steps of banishing her from the pulpit.

She was busted for DUI and pled guilty last month. She blew a .14 nearly twice the legal limit.

He feels like she is being a hypocrite (seriously) for being caught drunk driving after delivering sermons on the sins of drunkeness.

Mase filed for divorce in January … we’re told the drunk driving incident was the last straw for him.

Source: TMZ