When Mark Sanchez first came to the New York Jets as the #5 pick in the 2009 NFL draft, much was expected from him. He brought the team to a few playoff wins, but he brought the squad plenty more low-lights.

One of the most memorable was his now infamous butt fumble in 2012 against the New England Patriots.

Jets fan Jake Hendrickson was looking through NFL auctions when he found the jersey worn by Sanchez on that fateful day. Instead of letting the jersey fall into the wrong hands, Hendrickson made sure he won the auction, spending $820 on the item.

According to Kristen Dyer of Yahoo Sports, Hendrickson has some pretty intriguing plans for what to do with the jersey one day, with the Jets fan saying:

For now I’ll probably just frame it up real nice and put it on my wall. Until we win a Super Bowl or I can get together enough money to put it on a rocket ship and shoot it to outer space because I don’t think it belongs on this planet anymore.

Relive the moment below