If you’re an Orlando Magic fan and you feel like you know your basketball, then you could find yourself $100k richer.

The Orlando Magic are offering $100,000 to any fan who can correctly guess the top-14 picks of the NBA Draft. The only catch is you have to be a local fan, and by contest rules that is a candidate who is 18 or older and lives within a 75-mile radius of Orlando.

Participants don’t need to guess what specific team the players will go to, only the order in which they will be picked.

More details as per ESPN;

If multiple fans accurately guess the first 14 players taken, regardless of what teams take them, the $100,000 will be split among those winners. If no one wins, the Magic will randomly award two season 2014-15 tickets to a contest entrant. The team says the tickets have a retail value of $6,200.

Might have to move to the Orlando area real quick.

Source: BallOverAll