Apple has been losing to Samsung for years now when it comes to smartphones. Apple has finally found a way to combat Samsung’s growth. The filed a lawsuit.

Apple returned to U.S. courts yet again this week, this time looking to banish nine Samsung smartphones from the market.

Apple filed its third request to ban U.S. sales of the Samsung devices on May 23 with Judge Lucy Koh in the U.S. District Court of Northern California in San Jose, according to Inferse. Koh tossed the first two out.

The conglomerate that Steve Jobs built wants these nine models banned: Galaxy S2, S2 Skyrocket, S2 Epic Touch 4G, S3, Samsung Stratosphere, Galaxy Note, Note 2, Samsung Admire, Galaxy Nexus.

Apple did not request the court to pull Samsung’s latest smartphones, the Galaxy S5, S4 and Galaxy Note 3, from stores. It was not immediately clear whether it would file another request.

The nine Samsung phones that Apple wants banned include patented technology and allowing them to be sold is prohibited by the infringement lawsuit that it has just won. Features such as as automatic spelling correction, click-to-call, and the slide-to-unlock function are included.

In the second Apple-Samsung trial, the jury sided with Apple but suggested that the real culprit that should be litigated was Google, not Samsung, because Samsung phones merely run Google’s Android operating system.

Inferse reports that most of the Samsung phones Apple wants banned are no longer selling well nor desirable by customers and suggests that the ban request “is more of a way for Apple to make its own statement against Samsung than anything else.”

Source: Dailydigitalnews