Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice is trying his hardest to repair his image after surveillance footage showed him dragging his now fiance out of an elevator in Atlantic City. It was rumored that Rice knocked her out cold in the elevator after the two got into an argument.

Rice was able to avoid jail time thanks to a good lawyer. That same lawyer is now making Rice look like he might not even have been the one who hit her.

Rice’s lawyer Michael Dimondstein went on the radio this weekend. While on air, he attempted to make Rice seem like the innoncent victim.

He went on ESPN 97.3 FM in New Jersey to shed light on what happened, hypothetically that night.

“Let’s assume for the sake of argument, rather than enter into the pretrial diversionary program that [Rice] entered into, we hypothetically move forward on the case. And hypothetically we litigate 100 motions and the video comes out and the video shows — hypothetically speaking now, hypothetically speaking — shows that Ray wasn’t the first person that hit and Ray was getting repeatedly hit but just Ray hit harder, fired one back and hit harder. Hypothetically speaking, and he gets found not guilty. Is that result somehow better? Is it better for the public? Is it better for the Ravens? Is it better for Ray? Is it better for Janay?”

Now, that would make the video that surfaced seem totally crazy. If someone else hit her, wouldn’t he be dragging out the person who knocked her out cold? Watch the original footage here 


Source: TDaily