Rap Up

Rap Up

Everybody shouldn’t try everything. Let me use 50 Cent as an example.

The G-Unit head honcho has sold millions of records, made more millions off Vitamin Water, became a decent actor and bought himself out of his deal with Interscope. Just looking at the resume, you would think that Fif could do anything that he put his mind to. Well, not anything.

50 tried his hand at baseball tonight. The Queens native was asked to come out and throw the first pitch of the night before the hometown Mets took on the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Fif stepped up to the plate and tossed a horrible first pitch! Even 50 had to know that was ugly.

Check out 50 throwing out the first pitch here 

The next time we see 50 on a big stage like this will be in East Rutherford, New Jersey for Hot 97’s Summer Jam. The show goes down June 15th. His album, Animal Ambition hits stores June 3rd.