We’ve seen Hollywood stars like Zach Braff and Spike Lee do it. The hip-hop world is currently watching veteran journalists Elliot Wilson and Danyelle Smith are using the site to launch their dream project.

The website Kickstarter is a great way for artists and companies to take matters into their own hands and draw on support from the people to launch their ventures.

Lets hope that LeVar Burton has as much luck as some of his acting colleagues have had soliciting money from patrons using Kickstarter.

his morning, he launched a Kickstarter, aiming to raise a million dollars to fund the development of a web version of his hit show Reading Rainbow.

He’s hoping to bring back the show that helped make Burton a star to kids pre-k and up for decades for a new generation of kids to enjoy.

New episodes of the show stopped in 2006. The halted running re-runs of the show in 2009.

There’ll be a subscription fee for access to Reading Rainbow’s library of books. Burton also wants to create a new incarnation for the classroom, complete with resources for teachers. And he wants to provide that for free to the most cash-strapped schools; meeting the $1 million goal should allow them to put the program in 1,500 classrooms for free.

Besides seeing a one-time television staple come back to life, supporters get incentives depending on the level of giving.

a $50 donation gets you a Reading Rainbow mug,$400 gets you a voicemail message from LeVar Burton. Someone has already donated $10,000 to his campaign.

He’s already collected $913 K. With 34 days to go, it looks like he’ll hit his million mark and kids across the globe will get to sing the Reading Rainbow theme song!

If you would like to support his cause or learn more about it, click here