Momma Dee and Shay

We haven’t seen Shay “Buckey” Johnson on any new episodes of LAHHATL. The reason could be that she’s running from the police.

Video surfaced last week of Johnson fighting a girl in the club. During the fight, she actually cracked the girl in the head with a bottle.

According to Bossip, Sharika Soal aka Ladysoal, not the victim, sent the video of the attack to the Atlanta Police Department which means, Shay could be finding herself in handcuffs sooner than later.

Ladysoal explained that she wasn’t going to sit back and watch this kind of behavior, because she feels that the producers of the show saved Buckeey from getting arrested to save the episode.

“The production company and producers did everything in their power to protect Shay from being arrested and charged with the crime for the sake of not having the future episode ruined. Had that been you or I , the police would of been knocking at our doors before we even got home….”

She added, “If you are Mad at me for writing this you have to ask yourself why are you okay with it? I am not okay with it and I refuse to be told that this is acceptable behavior and maybe that’s because I might be one of very few who actually have a soul left for other human beings. I am doing this to protect my son’s generation and I am doing it because the victim deserves better. Period.”

According to the singer, Shay was issued a warrant from the APD on May 19, but has yet to turn herself in or be arrested.

If you haven’t watch the video yet, you can watch it below