If an armored truck accidently dropped $125,000 in cash in front of you, most people would be planning their new life while running full-speed down the street with money in hand. This guy obviously isn’t the average human being.

California man Joe Cornell found a bag full of cash. The man, who happened to be down on his luck at the moment didn’t pocket the money. Instead, he did something totally out of the norm,

Cornell told reporters with KMPH that he often has only $1 a day to spend on lunch. While volunteering at the Salvation Army a bag filled with money flew off a Brinks security truck and landed on the street in front of him.

Rather than keep the money, Cornell says he turned it over to authorities because he wanted his grandkids to be proud of him.

“I thought ‘What type of man do I want my grandkids to think I am?’,” says Cornell, “I want them to think I’m a just man that does the right thing and I did the right thing.”

When Cornell’s wife found out what happened she burst into tears. She says that she’s so proud of him for giving the money back, especially because they are so poor.

Cornell reportedly did not receive a reward for returning the cash.

Source: Gawker