Lil Wayne took time off from working on his album, C5 to speak with ESPN the Magazine about a slew of topics like his music, Donald Sterling, his favorite player Kobe Bryant and more.

Check out some snippets from his interview below.

On Kobe Bryant: “‘Carter V Season’ was all Kobe. He came up with it. I saw that and thought, That’s dope as hell, so that’s what we’re calling the [album] campaign. I thanked him. Then we thought about Floyd.”

On Floyd Mayweather: “We knew Floyd had a fight coming up. So all eyes were on him. I have his number, so I had my homey hit him up: Can you put this video of Drake out, as a little tease? He did [on April 30]. And it worked. That sh** was crazy. I told him I appreciate him. He said he’s down for whatever else. That’s Floyd—down for whatever.”

On Tha Carter V: “Tha Carter V is about growth, flat-out. My thoughts are wiser. I still say what I want to say—it just sounds better and makes more sense. That all comes with growth and maturity.”

On Donald Sterling: “My thoughts on Donald Sterling are I have no thoughts about a man who doesn’t, or can’t, think.”

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