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New One

Donning a white cap and gown, Rachel Jeantel came through on a promise to her late friend Trayvon Martin this Friday. She graduated from high school.

Jeantel was the last to speak to 17-year-old Martin moments before the unarmed teenager was shot dead by George Zimmerman in 2012. Jeantel later served as a key witness for the prosecution.

Rachel feaced a lot of criticism over her behavior on the stand during the trial. She was slammed in the media and on social media for her tone and perceived attitude towards Zimmerman’s lawyers.

Miami defense and civil rights attorney Rod Vereen worked to get Jeantel on the right track by gathering tutors, psychologists and mentors to take her from an elementary school reading and math level to high school graduation with the help of the Tom Joyner Foundation.

The future for Jeantel includes continued meetings with tutors, a university education and a potential career as a clothing designer.

Source: BET