Who would’ve thought that lines like, “There’s levels to this shit/Levels to this shit/Can’t fuck my bitch, cause there’s levels to this shit” could inspire a generation.

A new study from the American Psychology Association shows that Meek Mill’s influence on low-income African American teens is bigger than anyone would have imagined.

The study conducted by Cendrine Robinson, MS, shows that songs like “Traumatized” and “Intro” have a connection to hip hop therapy, a method that shows how Hip Hop music can be a therapeutic tool to some youths.

After talking to her clients about their favorite artists, Robinson listened to Chief Keef and Meek Mill.

Robinson concluded in the study that many teens listened t0 Meek Mill because of his stories of pain and loss while growing up a dangerous area. The study also proved that the teens connect to Meek’s sadness because of the harsh realities of each of his songs.

“Mill, like other youth, likely finds telling his story to be therapeutic,” she said. “Telling his story through music allows him to grapple with his stressors in a way that is positive. Most current psychological interventions for youth fail to acknowledge the power of using rap music to help heal our youth. Hip hop therapy is one of few treatments that incorporate an approach that is truly sensitive to the culture of many Black youth.”

Sidenote: If your patients listen to Chief Keef and Meek Mill primarily, the have some deep rooted issues.

Source: XXL