Meek Mill and Louie V Gutta



The spill over from the incident at Summer Jam between 50 Cent and Slow from Slow Bucks has somehow made its way to Philly. MMG artist Meek Mill has been going back and forth with his artist, Louie V Gutta.

Louie is signed to Meek’s DreamChaser label. If you remember, he got robbed for $40k in jewelry and other items at a Waffle House in Atlanta after the BET Hip-Hop Awards.

Earlier today, Meek took offense to a tweet that Louie sent out. Not sure if Meek thought the tweet was aimed at him since he was previously tweeting about the Summer Jam incident. He responded with this


Which led to Louie V Gutta responding with this.   The twitter back and forth went on for a while. Thing began to heat up just a few minutes ago after the went back and forth with these tweets.  

We all know that the city of Brotherly Love can change to Brotherly fist fights, then gun fights in a NYC minute. Lets hope cooler heads prevail and they get back to making music.