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We’ve all seen this before. Michael Jackson did it, O.J. Simpson did it. Whenever a high-profile African-American personality gets into hot water, somehow they find themselves standing before the congregation, begging for forgiveness.

This time, the person who is laying all their sins on the altar is Donald Sterling.

The embattled former owner of the Los Angeles Clippers is a couple billion dollars richer, but he still feels that he needs forgiveness. So he attended a primarily African-American church this past weekend to show that he’s ready to accept God’s forgiveness and show that he likes Black folks.

Sterling attended service at Zion Baptist Church in Los Angeles on Sunday. According to church pastor J. Benjamin Hardwick, he invited Sterling after meeting with him recently.

Sterling attended the church, greeted parishioners, and at no time did he ask all the Black people to not attend the service that he did.

Source: Dime