If you’re in Alabama today (as many of my family members are) then you know what today is. It’s not just June 2nd. It’s not just a few days before or after your rent is due.

For Alabamians, today is an awkwardly special day. Today is Jefferson Davis day. For those who don’t know who Jefferson is, he held the prestigious position as President of the Confederacy.

Davis was the one and only President that the Confederate States had. On November 6, 1861, Jefferson Davis was elected president, not of the United States of America but of the Confederate States of America. He ran unopposed and was elected to serve for a six-year term.

We all know why he didn’t get to serve a second term.

Still those in Alabama still celebrate the greatness that was the Confederacy. The state not only still celebrates Davis’ birthday, but they count Confederate Memorial Day as a state holiday too.

This sounds totally ridiculous to me. Not just because I was born and raised in one of the most moderate cities on earth, Boston Massachusetts. It’s ridiculous to me that people in the South celebrate anything that resembles Confederacy. Why salute a group of people or wave a flag of an army that lost, and lost decidedly! It’s weird to me, but I don’t have to live in Alabama.

So, Happy Jefferson Davis Day Alabama. Like a commenter on Gawker said, “Skipping a day off and working harder is exactly what Jefferson Davis would have wanted.”

Source: Gawker