Drug abuse in the NBA was once a big deal. In the late 70’s and early 80’s cocaine use and abuse held back many a great talent.

You don’t hear much about drug abuse in the NBA anymore now that the league has strengthened their drug policy. I’m sure that doesn’t stop players from dibbling and dabbling in various recreational pharmaceuticals from time to time.

So recently, Brandon Jennings and many other stars were in the building to help Denver Nuggets star Nate Robinson celebrate his birthday.

Some of the other celebs who showed their face included NBA talents John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins, rapper The Game, and many more.

Drake popped in the DJ booth to spin some tunes while Game videotaped the party. While taping, Game might’ve accidentally filmed a drug transcation going down.

You can see on the tape, Detroit Pistons star Brandon Jennings trying to pass off a white tablet to L.A. Lakers guard Nick Young. The Lakers baller took one glance at Jennings’ hand and shook his head “no.”

Wonder what he was turning down? Maybe it was asprin? Maybe. Watch the footage below


Check out the full video in the above slide.