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Legendary drug dealer and the inspiration for the movie, “Blow,” George Jung was released from prison yesterday.

ccording to Heavy, the former drug kingpin served almost 20 years in prison for smuggling drugs such as marijuana and cocaine in the country from Columbia. George was responsible for 85% of the country’s cocaine in the early 1970’s.

The now 71-year-old was the inspiration behind the cult classic ‘Blow’ starring Johnny Depp. The actor visited George in prison and the two became friends.

Jung reportedly was supposed to be released in November but was released early. In a documentary for PBS, Jung mentions that he was given less time after he shared information with the feds about his partner Carlos Lehder.

“Well, the reason I made that decision is that Carlos Lehder had come to the end of his rope too,” he said. “He was captured in Colombia by the DEA, brought to the United States, and I was approached to testify against him and I told them no, I had no inclination to do that. And then several weeks later it came out in the “Miami Herald” that he had written a letter to the Vice President of the United States, George Bush, offering to cooperate fully for total immunity. I just felt that that was the final slap in the face and I picked up the phone and I agreed to go to Jacksonville, Florida. I made a phone call and I was taken up to Jacksonville and interviewed. My story was checked out and I simply became a witness.”

Jung will be staying at a half-way house on the West Coast while he adjusts to society.

Source: Heavy