Question. If you had more that $3 million worth of Nike sneakers sitting on your lawn, wouldn’t you know? I would hope most people would notice such a haul sitting on their front lawn. These Kentucky residents are claiming just that.

Kentucky police made an astounding find at a Hardin County home last week, discovering $3 million worth of missing Nike shoes.

A search warrant detailed that the shoes were supposed to be shipped in 2009 to a Nike distribution center, according to WLKY-TV.

But, they never made it there, and ultimately landed outside a Hardin County home. After obtaining a warrant last week, police arrived at the scene and confiscated the thousands of pairs of shoes.

“Yesterday there was a, I think the SWAT team pulled up, a couple of Radcliff police cars, (Kentucky) State Police, and then they brought in the fire truck later on,” neighbor Kirk Oxendine said.

According to the search warrant, Nike confirmed that the confiscated shoes matched the shipping label on their products.

However, the two individuals who had the shoes in their possession told WLKY they were not aware that they had been stolen.

“Apparently Nike had called and contacted them and the shoes were stolen and they had been stolen since 2009 and there were three million dollars worth of shoes in my front yard,” one of the sellers said. “They confiscated all of them.”