Lupe Fiasco has been on a promo spree to push his new song, “Miracle” which tackles the topic of cancer. Lu’s been drawn into everything else though when he grabs the mics for an interview.

When he stopped by Hot 97, Ebro and Rosenberg got to him to speak about Kendrick Lamar and his feelings on him as a lyricist.

Now, MTV gets Lupe to speak about Justin Beiber and the videos of him repeatedly using the n-word.

Beiber has apologized for the videos, which were made when he was about 14-years old.

When asked about Beiber’s videos, Lupe didn’t mince words as usual. While Lil Wayne, Floyd Mayweather and others have been quick to welcome him in with open arms, Fiasco hasn’t been so quick to do so.

In the interview he mentions that:

“Justin Bieber said it [so] it’s cool, and people are already coming to his defense,” Lupe told MTV News, in disbelief.

“I don’t think anybody should be allowed to profit off racism,” he continued. “Donald Sterling made a billion dollars [when] he sold the team, and there was such an uproar about somebody who didn’t use the N-word at all, but then you have somebody who made a very racist joke about it — I wonder if Justin Bieber’s gonna get the same treatment as Donald Sterling?”

He continued to give his feelings about Beiber’s n-word incident.

Watch his full interview with MTV here